Handmade Yule Candles Tutorial


Helloooooooo to you all, and welcome to our little corner of the blogsphere! There will be a post forthcoming to explain who we are and what this is all about. Today, however, we are talking about making candles for Yule. When it comes to gift giving, I truly believe that (when possible) handmade is the way to go. Not only are handmade gifts more personal, but as we are so fond of saying here there’s magic in the making.

You can apply this tutorial to making any kind of candle, but keep in mind that these are specifically for Yule. So of you are making them for another Sabbat, or just because, you might want to alter your ingredients. Here’s what I assembled for these ones.


A bit of information on why I chose these enhancers:

In all honesty, these scents just make me think of Yule, and I’ll bet I’m not the only one. So when I was gathering my ingredients, I put a lot of thought into them. Cinnamon is often tied to prosperity  and protection. When I think about what Yulemas must have been like hundreds and hundreds of years ago, I think those particular traits would have been welcome blessings. I love the scent of clove so much (in fact it even inspired a short smoking phase of my life in my angsty  20s). It is used to keep good friends close, bring luck, and they’re also linked with prosperity. Oranges draw abundance and happiness. I’m pretty sure anyone who’s ever inhaled while an orange is being peeled would agree with me. It is the scent of joy. As for the Orange Mint, I had an abundance in my garden, and there is strong magic in anything grown by a witch. Lastly, we have the Star Anise. This one is so closely tied to Yule. Not only is beautiful but it brings with it an increase in physic connection and amplifies power. All combined, these are powerful carriers of my intentions of love, luck & abundance.


Onto the How to:

Step 1: Melt your wax

melting wax

This part is pretty simple. I bought my wax melty container at Micheal’s and find it really handy, but I think you could use anything that heats evenly. Initially I had it straight on the burner, but it was taking forever, and I risked scorching the wax. So I added a shallow pan filled halfway with water, effectively making the Broke Ass Witch equivalent of a double boiler. Note: do not boil the wax! You want it to be at about 185 degrees, technically speaking, but I just eyeball it. When it’s clear & all liquefied, it should be good to go.

Step 2: Prepare your jars

Jar Prep

While your wax is busy getting it’s melt on, you can get your jars ready to go. I bought these canning jars, but if you (like me) recycle your glass jars, just use those. Way cheaper!  Firstly, you’ll want to put your wick into the jar. I tried out a wax adhesive designed to keep your wick set in the bottom center of the far. To tell you truth, it’s a giant pain in ass, but it was helpful. They I plopped in some stem from the orange mint, half a cinnamon stick and one star anise. Your jars are now ready to be poured into.

Step 3: Scent you wax

20 drops of Clove Bud(2)

I used Aura Cacia oils because I had them handy, and they are far less costly than other oils. If you have the means to use Doterra, Young Living, or even some small business made oils, all the better!

Step 4: Get ready to pour

Slow Pouring

I highly advise you to place some newspaper or other disposable covering over your workspace while you pour. I failed to do so, and am still trying to get wax out from the tile grout.

As I poured the wax into the containers I was mindful of my intentions. After all, the magic’s in the making, right? I also added in the remaining bits of herbs & spices as I poured, letting my instinct guide me.

Lastly, you’re going to need to keep those wicks straight. I used some pens I had nearby. If you want, you can buy a centering tool from a craft store, but I chose to save my $4.00. You can also see I used two wooden wicks, simply because I had them already. I LOVE wooden wicks.They are super easy to used, require no supports, and make an awesome crackling sound as they burn.

You’ll need to wait overnight before you try to light the flame on one of these babies.



The way I see it, that’s a pretty thrift bit of generosity & magic. We hope you have fun making yourself some of these bad boys this Yule time. As for these particular candles,  they’re about to be blessed, wrapped, and sent of to four of my favorite witches as gifts.

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