The Magic of Star Anise

Star Anise

Star Anise…just the name sounds magical, like the last whispers of a song. It’s strongly connected to Yule thanks to it’s spicy scent, but let’s not pigeon hole this pointed beauty.

Star Anise hails from Vietnam and South East China, where is grows on evergreen trees. In eastern medicine it is known for its warming properties and as a potent cure for colds.  Magically speaking, we look to it for good luck & psychic powers. I’ve read that Hoodoo practitioners use it for dream work. It seems you can place it under your pillow to dream of (or is it with?) someone far away. I’m not too up to snuff on my Hoodoo, so forgive me if I’m missing details there. You can grind it up and use it in/as incense for luck to use while you’re casting/manifesting. Or you can nest you favorite piece of quartz in a bed of star anise to add some oomph to you psychic abilities. Honestly, there are so many wonderful magical applications and uses for this pointed beauty.

Star Anise Magic

Now that I’ve gone through the traditional thoughts on Star Anise, I’ll share my personal ideas. Here’s the thing about magic from my point of view: magic is a very personal undertaking and you have to follow you gut. What I mean by that is that we can read and research, re-enact old charms, do out best to stay old school witches, but if something isn’t vibing for you it just plain old ain’t gonna work. The end. Full stop.

You might be thinking, “what could she mean by that?”.  Well, I’m glad you asked! This is one of those items in my magical pantry that I see differently than many others. When I see/smell/touch Star Anise one word comes to mind. Protection. I think maybe it’s the little hard points, or maybe it’s how closely it resembles a pentacle; I really couldn’t say why. Whatever the reason, that’s how I use these glorious little star pods. For instance, this past December I added them (with the intent of protection and good health) to the Yule candles I gifted to friends. Sometimes I’ll grind it up and add it my black salt concoctions; again for protection.

Star Anise Magic

The magic is in the making. You’ll come to hear that quite a bit from me. Reason being, that I truly believe the magic is in us and it is in the practices of casting/manifesting that we bring our own magic into the world with others. I feel like I’ve gone a tad off topic here, but I really want to drive this idea home. You are magic, babies. All you have to do is apply your intent and let it fly!

Star Anise Magic

And with that I will leave you. Bright Blessings!


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