Modern Witches. A Study in Photos, Part Two.

modern witch

I am so excited about today’s post, part two of our study of modern witches. Although the plan was to post these monthly, I fail epically at delayed gratification. So when Alison (oh, yeah, this is Alison everyone!) agreed to let me photograph her yesterday I knew already I’d be posting today. This project is so dear to my heart, and I do believe we are doing some small good here, too. Witches do not deserve the stigma, fear. and doubt (all depending on who’s doing the judging there) that we encounter. We are simply women who are connected to our own strength. Well, that and the myriad personal beliefs that make us each witches in our own way.

I’ll now step off the soapbox and we can focus on Alison.

Modern Witches. Alison

As it happens, Alison is a dear friend of mine. She is also, one of the more powerful witches I’ve met. I dare you to sit in a room with this woman and tell me you can not feel it radiating from her. She is also, as warm and wise as those eyes would lead you to believe.

Modern Witches

Bubble & Brew: What does the word “witch” mean to you?

Alison: “To my own ears and soul, the word “witch” is a recognition of a woman who has embraced her natural powers and all their consequences.”

Modern Witches

Bubble & Brew: When did you openly share your witch status?

Alison: ” I’ve never declared myself a witch, as I don’t use social media and rarely seek out others. Those close to me have always been aware, and I’ll proudly tell anyone who inquires.”

Modern Witches. Alison.

Bubble & Brew: How did you know you were a witch?

Alison: ” A woman in a shopping mall called me a witch when I was a young child. My mother chased her off and told me it was a gift, not a curse, to be different.”

Modern Witches. Alison.

Bubble & Brew: What, in your experience, in the biggest misconception about witches as a whole?

Alison: “As a grey witch, I accept mother nature’s cruelty and glory as they are. Witches can have ill intent or radiant generosity – both widely recognized concepts. People have accused me of both, and have been right.”

Modern Witches. Alison.

Bubble & Brew: What is your center, spiritually speaking?

Alison: “The moon has ruled me since day one. Learning to love unconditionally for the first time (my partner), has made me a more centered lunatic.”

Modern Witches. Alison.

Bubble & Brew: Use three words to describe yourself as a person

Alison: ” Sage, savage, and therefore paradoxical.”

Modern Witches. Alison.


Thank you so much, Alison, for being part of this project. We are honored.

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2 thoughts on “Modern Witches. A Study in Photos, Part Two.

    • Thanks doe checking us out, Amanda! I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. There are oodles of books out there, but choosing one really depends on what kind of witch you choose to be. I find it surprisingly difficult to give you a solid list of resources. I think (this may surprise you) that Pinterest can be a great place to start if you’re new to being a witch. Everything on the internet winds up there anyway, and it makes sorting through the myriad of information really simple. Our blog is meant for witches just like you, and hope in time we’ll truly aid your journey. I also write for a magazine called Witch Way Magazine, and the owner/editor does an amazing job representing all kinds of witches. I hope that helps a little bit.


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