Which Type of Witch Are You?

Who doesn’t love to take little quizzes, right?


Because these suckers are always fun and sometimes (just sometimes) really do tell us a little about ourselves. Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I take one and I identify with the outcome, I feel…seen. If that makes sense. Maybe less alone in the world? I don’t know…I could be babbling here.

Anywho, we’ve made this little quiz for you to take. Honestly, it’s just a silly thing to do for fun. However, with that being said, we know a lot of you are new to your witchy life; you  might just find something here that resonates with you. If so, that’s wonderful! If not, hey, what can we say? At least it was fun, right?

And with that, Witches, let’s get to quizzing! Just click the link below.




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