My Simple Beltane Plans

I love Beltane. Like… LOVE.

Maybe it’s because of the fire association. Maybe it’s the lusty aspect. Or maybe it’s because that’s the day Claire first went through the stones in Outlander. (BTW, are you guys watching this new season??? So good!)

I digress.

This post is really just my ideas on simple celebration for Beltane. If you are interested in some of the history or traditions around Beltane (or if you just want to see how I was feeling about it last year) check out this.

As a solitary and eclectic witch, it can be really hard to find people to celebrate with. I have pretty much resigned myself to keeping it low key. Although, truth be told, I would love to be camped out in the wild & surrounded by a loving coven while we danced with fire and twirled beneath a may pole. But, we have to work with what we have, right? And I have a loving family, a BBQ in the backyard and a shitload of magical intention.

So for tomorrow here’s the plan:

  • set out a bowl tonight to collect dew
  • wash my face with said dew in the morning
  • meditate/set my intentions for the day
  • place flowers throughout my home
  • have a normal Sunday afternoon
  • BBQ a delicious feast for my family to enjoy al fresco
  • burn the remains of any non relevant magic from the past year
  • meditate/give gratitude to the universe

That’s it! Simple, simple, simple.

How will you be celebrating tomorrow?


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