How to DIY Yourself a Coven

Okay, perhaps that title is a bit of a stretch. What can I say? I am prone to being hyperbolic.

Most of us are solitary witches. Some from choice, some from necessity. I, myself, am generally happy to be solitary. I can create my own rituals and don’t have to deal with any of the politics or lady drama of a typical coven. Particularly with me not being Wiccan, finding a “coven” was nearly impossible.

Or was it….?

It occurred to me some months ago that everyone meets their romantic partners online. So why couldn’t I meet my witch sisters online as well? The internet is full of wonderful resources for us witchy folks; blogs, hubs, hashtags and even Pinterest has some witch-tastic stuff on there. What there isn’t, however, is a type equivalent for meeting one’s soul sister. Hell, there’s not even a Tinder equivalent! I had tried in the past, with only one success story, to find other witches on Craigslist. Hey, don’t you judge me! That yielded mostly creepy guys looking for a kinky girl. GROSS! Or else I would up basically giving witchcraft one on one lessons via email. Suffice is to say it was disheartening and draining.

Then one day I thought about a website I’d visited in the past, but never really used.

So for $14.99 a month I set a witch’s group I named “We the Wild Women” (because that’s my personal hashtag for all things powerful woman related) and put out an open call to all local witches of any and all beliefs to gather in what I termed “an open circle”. And then I held my breath and refreshed my screen over and over for about an hour. It took no longer than a week for 50 women to join the group! I’ll be honest, it was overwhelming at first. What I did not know about is that people join lots of groups and rarely interact with all of them. So thanks to that, I would up with about 15 women who truly were looking for community, too. witch circle

We held our first gathering on a Sunday morning in the park, under a beautiful canopy of trees. I made it a potluck because food can really lubricate social awkwardness and I’m already awkward enough. We sat and introduced ourselves, snacked, and basically tested out each other’s vibes. Now I’ll be honest, not everyone was a great fit. In fact, I made the choice to ask one Negative Nancy to not rejoin our group. That, my friends, was some drama. In fact, I think she tried to curse me, as a lot of shit went sideways in my word just after that. Not to worry, the (possible) hex has been broken and all is well again in my life. I mention this only because I think you have to be aware that meeting strangers is often weird & lonely people can often be a little crazy. Safety first!

Untitled design(1)

It’s now been about three months since our group first started. We have gotten together as a whole about three times, with our fourth coming up in a few days. We are not a coven. We are a circle of witches who gather together to support, share with and feel community with each other. There is no “leader”, no roles, no dogma. Just sisterhood. We are a varied group, I’ll tell you that. In fact, that is such a blessing; as I think we learn the most from people who we differ from.

Untitled design

We gathered recently for Lammas, where we snacked and drank, laughed and meditated, and were lead by one of our sisters through a truly beautiful ritual. I am so grateful for this circle of real life witches to share with. It has been the thing most missing from my life. I had meditated and prayed for this to happen over the last year and now it has manifested. If you are feeling a lack of witchy community I wholeheartedly encourage you create your own. Websites and hashtags are wonderful, but nothing can compare to real life gathering (and that’s coming from an anxious introvert!).

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