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This page is the brainchild of two long distance friends that hold a mutual connection to witchcraft.  We met on instgram through body positivity and a special kindredship flared up! Slowly as we got to know each other through social media we started opening our hearts and started to realise how we were both drawn to the ways of the witch and have dabbled in the craft here and there for most of our lives.

Our friendship continued to blossom and eventually the idea struck that we should start a project together, and here we are today!

We write about witchcraft from a beginner point of view, because we are beginners. We do not hold on to any set of rules and let our our spirituality guide us in our ways.

Since distance is a big factor in our relationship, we both find ourselves to be somewhat “solitary” witches, which means, we do not have a coven to lean on, to ask questions, to gain support and learn from. Instead, we have each other, the internet and this space, which works as our digital coven meeting space!

We don’t post incredibly often, but when we do, it’s because something moves us and we feel compelled to share our knowledge or thought processes. To us, it’s very important to show others that you don’t need to look like Morticia Addams to practice magic { but dang, wouldn’t that be cool? }, you don’t need to have a fancy set up, or own expensive crystals, tarot decks or anything else to worship nature and become at peace with and harness the Earths energy! Magic is approachable and comes to us in even the smallest things we do, like cooking a nutritious and delicious meal for our families, gardening and making things grow, cleaning our space and treating it as a sacred place to be calm and serene and any other myriad ways we evoke our magic. So in that, we truly do believe, there is magic is in the making!

A little more about each of us:

about michelle

Michelle is a __ { wonderful and I wish she was in my house right MEOW to drink tea and giggle over silly things! } She also needs to fill in her bio! ❤

about margot

Margot is a plus size fashion blogger, she has written for FabUplus Magazine, Romper and Bush Magazine. She focuses on alternative, non mainstream fashion and helping women accept their bodies as they are today and gaining confidence through finding pieces that speak of who you are. She does not believe in dressing for your age or waiting until you have the “perfect” body to start living your dream life today!

She lives with her head slightly in the clouds, seeking out little glimmers of magic in everything she does and sees. She likes to drink tea from fancy teacups, travel the world with her Love, play around with makeup like a little kid and snuggle all the kitties!

You can find her online on instagram, facebook, pinterest, tumblr, on her own blog, margotmeanie.com and here!

Together we make up Bubble & Brew. We hope to incorporate guest posts from other witches learning their craft and create a resource for beginner witches that are starting to figure out how to work their own personal craft! Thanks for checking us out and we hope you subscribe!


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