Moon Magic to Banish Depression

I love the moon. I feel drawn to it. I take comfort in it. I look to it for guidance. So when I found myself in a deep winter funk (aka seasonal depression) I knew she’d be the one to turn to for help.

When you are using the moon’s power for magic and/or manifesting (whatever term you’re most comfortable with) it is important to make sure the moon is in the proper phase for what you want to accomplish. I could go on and on about this topic, but here’s a brief explanation. When the moon is dark it is a good time for the removal of binding spells and bringing justice; the new moon just after is a perfect time to start new ventures. As the moon grows (or waxes) you’ll want to work magic that is constructive (think of this a drawing things to you). When the moon is finally in her full glory it is a very powerful time; any and all magic is stronger on the full moon (though I usually just meditate on the moon when she’s full). And finally, as the moon wanes (gets smaller) this is when you do banishing spells, break habits, etc… For the purposes of banishing, I like to work at (or just after) the full moon.

On the  full moon, I set my intention to heal my soul. In a conversation with a friend, the idea came to me to place a jug of water under them moon and set my intent upon it. My thoughts being that between my own personal power and that of the moon I could manifest some real healing power. It turns out, this is not an uncommon practice, but I had not heard or read about it before.

Moon magic for depression

Being the practical Kitchen Witch that I am, I didn’t use a fancy vessel or anything. I just grabbed a large, clear jug and got to work. I set my jug, filled with purified water, in the full moon’s light, surrounded by candles (any old candles will do here) to represent the four directions. Then, I sat myself in a comfortable chair nearby and set my intention with meditation. It was during this time that the chant I used came to me. Feeling the time was right, I placed my hands on the jar and chanted to the moon.

The next morning I brought the jug inside and drank my first glass or magic. I drank one glass each day during the moon’s waning phase (always honoring the moon and her healing each time), finishing unexpectedly on the day before the new moon. I could feel the magic in it, giving strength to my will to heal myself.

Moon Magic Water Spell

It should go without saying that this post is not meant to replace any current therapies or medications you may be on.

As a side note, I feel confidant this practice could be implemented in many ways, depending on your needs and the phase of the moon.


setting my intentions on the Mourning Moon

the mourning moon | setting my intentions | Broke Ass WitchesI must admit, I have been a terrible witch.

I feel the magic seeping from my bones, but I ignore it and squander it and leave it all frustrated and unfulfilled like a womyn that never got the chance to climax.

But here’s the thing, I have been fortunate and perhaps destined to meet someone who is propelling me forward. It started with simple comments back and forth over instagram and is now blooming into full fruition here as this collaborative blog.

It’s a little like, actually entirely like, a digital, modern age coven.

Michelle, my partner in crime and fellow loner witch { ok, she puts it much nicer, I believe she calls it a solo practitioner? } and I have joined forces to bring this blog to life and to give us an avenue to explore magic both by ourselves, with each other and with you.

Well, enough of the introduction and back to being a terrible witch and how I plan to vanquish such a nasty habit.

The Mourning Moon | Broke Ass Witches

Happily and fortuitously, an article came across my facebook page, or was it tumblr? { I am so immersed online, I have a hard time keeping the flood of information straight sometimes } Either way, I count it as a blessing. As I read, the very next night I knew would be a Full Moon { I have an app for that 🙂 } but I didn’t know it was a significant full Moon.

Well, I suppose they all are, but this one has some historically spiritual value that I took to heart.

I shared the link with Michelle and we got to talking about what each other would do. Honouring the Moon is an age old tradition and one that is kept differently from person to person. I was curious what she would be doing and I started envisioning how I should do something and not just think on how lovely it would be.

After discussing an idea of starting a Moon Diary { something I will touch on eventually on this blog } I felt compelled to immediately get up off my tookus and get something done!

The Mourning Moon | Broke Ass Witches

This particular Moon, the Mourning Moon, is associated with the element of water, so I filled a blue glass chalice with fresh cool water and set it out. I then pulled out a piece of paper and wrote out some intentions as well as a invitation for myself to accept who I am and accept magic into my heart.

I then folded it in a neat little missive and sealed with my wax and stamp.

As I reflected on what I wrote I began to form a circle of gems, shells and stones I have around the chalice of water. I wanted  it to be pleasing to my eye and to follow my heart instead of looking up which each items meaning in lore. I then placed one piece of clear quartz on top of my missive, as I know that quartz brings clarity. Which is exactly what I have been requiring.

My hands felt positively electric! I can still feel the energy pulsing off of me , especially my finger tips after setting up my makeshift alter.

I felt warm and content and so happy I finally did instead of intended.

I am tracking the Moons phases with my app { it’s called ‘moon‘ app if you’re curious and it is beautiful! } and contemplating what I shall do for the coming New Moon. I think I’ll crack open my spell and read it to my self and then place it in a special box perhaps with some dried herbs and flower petals.

I’m curious, how do you observe the Moon and her phases? Is there something you always do? I try to make sure I can gaze at it for at least a little bit.

Cost of my spell & setting my intentions: $0

I had paper on hand and have been collecting crystals since I was a child. Crystals and a chalice are pretty to look at and can add magic to the moment, but they are by no means necessary. Same with the wax seal, it was a xmas gift two years ago, if you want to replicate this, you can use candle wax and a lip gloss tube!

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