We did a Podcast!!


Hello Witches! Long time, no posts! But in truth it’s just been quiet on the blog front, we’ve been fairly active over on our instagram and even sometimes on tumblr. And we’ve definitely been busy behind the scenes, planning, plotting, charming. Today is the big reveal on a project we’ve talked about since Michelle visited me in September, it took us until just a few days before Halloween to finally sit down and get it down, and it’s taken until today, the Winter Solstice, to bring it to the table.

But we are so very happy and elated to be bringing you the fruits of our labour, a Podcast!

Let me tell you, the learning curves has been STEEP, but oh, so fulfilling. It may have taken us months, and our first episode revolves around Fall and here was are on the official first day of Winter, but we offer this to you as a humble Yuletide gift!

Forgive us our rambles and clumsiness. We’re new and still ironing things out, so you can almost think of this as a pilot, in that respect, a rookie venture into something new. The sound quality is not at it best, and we meander off course more than our fair share, but we hope you enjoy what we have made!

Our idea and hopes for this podcast where to feel like an extension of our regular video chats when we start talking magic, our craft, practices and musings. I wouldn’t call this so much a learning tool as more a chance to bring you into our conversation.

So please, grab a cuppa tea, snuggle up and give us a listen!


we promise to get this uploaded to iTunes and Google play soon as we figure it out!

Until then, Stay in your Magic!


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